ASTRODOME - A LOVE STORY is documentary about the people who are behind the scenes trying to save the Dome.

ABOUT FILMMAKER: Cressandra Thibodeaux is the Executive Director of 14 Pews, but she is also a filmmaker with an MFA from Columbia University's Film Program. Since graduating she has worked on numerous documentaries, directed 3-award winning commercials and numerous short films. She is passionate about historic preservation and believes Houston will come up with a plan to save the Astrodome, but in the meanwhile, Thibodeaux has been enjoying filmming the behind-the-scenes of the people trying to save the Dome.

COMMENT FROM FILMMAKER: I am making this film because I’m fascinated by the behind-the-scenes of the people who save things like historical buildings and landmarks.  They usually do not want media coverage, they work in the shadows, and their stories and who they are, are so vastly different from one another and yet, they are all bonded by one singular cause - To Save The Astrodome.

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