Wednesday Feb 21
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

join us for our HIGH SCHOOL SHORTS
with talk-back afterwards with filmmakers

The Bechdel Film Festival is proud to present 14 short films all directed by high school students.  
Join us afterwards for a lively talk-back with the filmmakers!
Stripped, dircted by Kendra Fogleman.  (5 minutes, 37 seconds) Olivia is a senior in high school who has always had family issues and insecurities. When she gets stood up, she takes the opportunity to take advantage of a freshman, Will, in an attempt to subdue her insecurities. This film shows how quickly someone is able to change another's life.

Price of Pink, directed by an all female high school crew; Katie Barr, Claire Durney, Brianna Kakos, Jane Simonetti, Clarissa Lam and Alexandra Petrus.  (5 minutes, 37 seconds) A film examining the gendering and unequal pricing of products in marketing, and how it promotes gender bias in our society. 

Pause, directed by Pegah Ansari (3 minutes) Relationship dangers that always threaten couples.

Void, co-directed by Gayle Sloan and Anne Wolf (7 minutes, 15 seconds) In Spring 2017, high school students in Wide Angle Youth Media’s Mentoring Video Project explore Joelle's story of depression and of how the signs are more apparent than you think.

The Struggles of Songwriting, directed by Laela Jones (9 minutes) A girl tries to write a song for the classmate she has a crush on.

Better Late Than Never, directed by Atheena Frizzell (4 minutes) A teenage girl must figure out a way to keep a secret from her devout family.

Seltzer Water, directed by Sabrina Seltzer (5 minutes, 46 seconds) This is a short documentary of the sacrifices and victories of a world class 13 year old diver.

Mija, directed by Sophia Stills (6 minutes) A young girl struggles to balance life as a normal teenager with her parents concerns about immigration.

Dandelion, directed by Ana Camila (6 minutes, 20 seconds) This is my story. This is the story of a Dominican teenager who moved to the United States and realized how much she misses her motherland. Yet she still holds onto hope of starting a new life.

Bi-Polar, directed by Lily Lizotte (2 minutes, 20 seconds) When a bear realizes she's in love with an animal, she turns into a fierce force of nature.

Miles Away, directed by Lily Lizotte (2 minutes) The journey of a girl through her imagination to escape her mundane life.

IMP, directed by Maurielle McGarvey (5 minutes, 26 seconds) A girl comes home and must confront her brother's mental illness.

Flightless, directed by Sarah Fonville (2 minutes, 50 seconds) Award-winning film about never giving up. In order to escape predators, a disabled bird of prey must figure out a way to take flight and soar.

One, directed by Grace Zhang and Emily Ma (3 minutes, 17 seconds) "One" is a literal translation to discover, and most importantly deconstruct, the fabric of identity. As environmental influences are expunged, an innate hunger to retrieve what once was there overwhelms us. However, when that too is taken away, we are forced to face our true self and wonder if it's there at all.

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